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We now plant a tree for every 10th card sold!

Illustration of hand holding a plant.
Stray Leaves now plants a tree for every 10th card sold

I'm so excited to announce that Stray Leaves will be donating every 10th card sale to Reforest Now to help plant trees and reforest cleared land in Far North QLD and Northern NSW.

I'm really passionate about sustainability and the environment and it is so important to me that my business helps in any way it can to give back. All my cards are printed in Australia on recycled card stock, so it only seems fitting that they also help plant trees here too!

Reforest Now is an awesome not for profit organisation that plants native trees in cleared land that was once tropical and subtropical forests. These new trees will help support the biodiversity of the region.

They have their own nursery in Mullumbimby and give a high priority to endangered and critically endangered species as well as those that support native fauna.

They are wonderfully transparent and publicly list every tree from every donor on their website.

I will be keeping a document to record every card sold each month (Including in card packs) and making a final donation at the end of the month. I'll pop a little post on social media as well so we can all celebrate and see the progress.

With your help this October we were able to donate 13 trees!

So now you can feel even more joyful by giving a thoughtful card to your loved ones knowing that you are also helping restore Australia's big scrub rainforest!

Head over to my shop to buy some beautiful recycled greeting cards and help plant a tree. ❤️ 🌳

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