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I always endeavour to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This is an on going process for me and I will no doubt change and grow my environmental policies as my shop and   business grow.


I get my cards printed at:

They are a sustainable printing company based in Melbourne Australia and use recycled card stock and paper for all of their products. I also get my marketing material such as thank you cards, earring backing cards and business cards from here.

Cards, envelopes and cellophane bags 

I get the following items from an Australian online store that specialises in recycled and eco products.


The cards I print myself in my home studio are made from 300gsm recycled card stock.

I use 100% recycled paper envelopes made in Australia from post consumer waste paper.

The protective bag is a cellophane bag made from biodegradable cellulose that can be composted in your home compost bin.


Going forward all my new earrings are printed here in Australia on FSC certified hoop pine.

My old earrings are manufactured in the UK by .

Zap creatives have a strong environmental policy which you can read on their website: 

They are made from responsibly sourced plywood. Zap creatives use fast-growing, sustainable species of trees like Birch, Maple, Cherry and Walnut. These woods are removed at the rate of their growth which means that the woodlands, from which they originate will retain their supply and characters indefinitely.

I assemble the earrings in my home studio in Woy Woy.


I try to make sure all packaging is made from recycled or repurposed packing materials.


If you have any ideas or comments about how I can make my business more environmentally friendly, please drop me an email at:

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