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5 Ways to Support Aussie Small Businesses this Christmas

Who doesn't love the sparkle and magic of the holiday season? Christmas trees, twinkling lights, lame Christmas movies and delightful festive cocktails! 😉 This year, let's take that holiday spirit up a notch by supporting small businesses right here on our door step!

Australia is home to a treasure trove of small businesses offering unique, locally-made goodies everyone will love! So, here are 5 fun ways you can show your love for our amazing local small businesses this silly season!

1. Shop Local

Aussie small businesses are bursting with creativity, and their products will make everyone smile! From handmade soaps, quirky ceramics, and beautiful wooden earrings (Hint hint) you'll find an array of unique presents that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces. This Christmas, pledge to shop and support local and make your gift-giving extra memorable. Visit your local shops and small boutiques and look at all the beautiful products right in your local area!

2. Attend Local Markets

You know what's awesome? Strolling through local markets, sipping on a coffee and browsing through charming stalls that showcase the heart and soul of Australian craftsmanship. Markets are a great opportunity to meet the maker and hear directly from them how they make their products and all their inspirations. Truely magical! So search online to find your local markets and discover one-of-a-kind goodies while supporting your local makers!

3. Share, Share, Share

In the digital age, a little social media love goes a long way. When you find a fantastic product from a small business, snap a pic and share it on your social accounts. Tag the business and tell your friends why you love it. You'll be amazed at how your support can make a big difference!

4. Gift Australian-Made

Why not make it an Aussie-themed Christmas and challenge yourself to only buy Aussie made. From beautiful Australian flora and fauna prints, greetings cards and lovely unique jewellery, the possibilities are endless! Your support not only makes your holiday more meaningful but also fuels the local economy.

5. Encourage Your Family and Friends

Christmas is all about togetherness, so why not get your family and friends on board with your mission to support small businesses? Encourage them to join you in choosing local and Australian-made products for gift-giving. Share your discoveries and start a new holiday tradition together!

As you prepare for a festive season filled with joy and love, remember that your choices as a consumer have the power to nurture the dreams of local business owners and artisans. Let's come together to make this Christmas uniquely Australian and wonderfully supportive of small businesses!

How will you support small Aussie businesses this year?


If you are looking for some unique gifts, check out my joyful stationery and earrings! All designed and illustrated by me and proudly Australian made!

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