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The Wizard Shark

Ben and his mate Hami are off to see grandpa, also known as ‘The Wizard Shark’. He is the most fun and exciting shark in the ocean! He can dance on his tail and make things disappear! What will he show the young

sharks today?


This is my first children’s book. Written, illustrated, designed and self published by me.


Pick of the day

A book that’s a bit slimy, a bit funny and a bit gross! Picking your nose has never been such an adventure!


Written by Fabi Williams.

Published by Shawline Publishing Group.

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Bird Magic

The exciting first book in the Iwizadi trilogy. Bird Magic is a story of magic, revenge and greed. 


Written by A.C.Smith.

Published by Provincial Publishing.

Coming Soon

Elkie's Escape

A beautiful tale about a young Southern right whale and her family whose world is being threatened by a mysterious oozing machine.


Written by Maria McKinnon.

Published by Shawline Publishing Group.


Cali the Happy Puppy

A lovely story about an adopted puppy Cali and her adventures and journey to finding a forever home.


Written by Natasha Beyer.

Published by Green Hill Publishing.

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Lillian the cat

Lillian the cat is a sweet book about an adventurous cat who loves to explore and always manages to find her way home.


Written by Thom Wood.